I made this website with Gatsby, React, Sass, GraphQL and it's open source on Github

Antonio Gioia, 2020


I wrote the code that builds my current website using the framework Gatsby, a static site generator based on React. I love to craft small websites and prototypes with Gatsby, if you are a Javascript front end developer you should definitely have a look at it! PrismJs is used to emulate code editor highlighting and react-draggable to make the windows movable. Blog articles are Markdown files sourced by GraphQL and rendered at build time. RSS feed and Sitemap are generated too. CSS is enhanced by Sass, webp images support is extended with modernizr.

You can clone the code from the Github repository at https://github.com/antoniogioiacom/antoniogioia.com, use it to learn more about Gatsby or use it as as starting point to build your own website or blog.